Child grooming a horse

Child grooming a horse

Charity Fund Raising

Charity Fund Raising

Child learning about animals

Child learning about animals

JOG group at Casa in Brazil

JOG group at Casa in Brazil



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 If you know persons or companies that are looking for a tax deduction or a charity to donate to, please recommend us!

Many companies literally give money away to terrible organizations just because they need the contribution and they don’t have time to research which ones, please make sure they know about us. 


A charitable cash donation is 100% deductible


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A straight donation allows us to subsidize people in need to take a trip to John of God, or to other spiritual places, as well as receive blessed items, books/dvds and healing. Priority is given to those in need, especially children and their families and low income persons. Gail Thackray will also match all charitable contributions, to double the benefit your donation will make. A cash donation is usually considered a 100% contribution and a charitable receipt will be provided to you (check with your CPA,  USA 501c and Australian registered). To make a contribution over the phone call 818890611. 


  Lady of Light US 501 (3) c IRS DL No is 17053341008001

Spiritual Tours


We take tours to spiritual places and people around the world.

Previous tours and future tours include;


Spiritual healing with John of God in Brazil


Bali temples and healers


The pink sisters of the Philippines and the Filipino Psychic Surgeons


Connecting with the pyramids of Egypt


Stone circles and druids, England, France & Spain


Mediumship development in Costa Rica


The Saints of Italy


The Holy Lands, all religions


The Indian Ashrams


Thackray teaches workshops on spiritual healing, positive thinking and developing intuition.



Our Spiritual Mission


A community dedicated to spiritual development. To help people connect and find faith in the ways that are meaningful to them. We are not religious based and welcome open-minded people from all areas of life.

Our lead minister Gail Thackray teaches workshops on spiritual healing, positive thinking and developing intuition.

For more about Gail Thackray and Spiritual Tours click here



Physical healing of the body is very much related to our emotional state. We offer guidance and support for those in need of physical and emotional healing and for those diagnosed with terminal illness as well as other difficult life situations. No healing is ever guaranteed. It is our mission to empower people to heal themselves emotionally and through this many receive positive physical results as well.

Animal Rescue


We value all creatures and a part of our mission is the rescue of animals. In particular we have rescued several horses. The horses are sometimes rehabilitated to new homes and some are used for the healing and riding program. Lady of Light offers workshops in “Animals that heal us.” Horses show us our inner emotions and through work with these beautiful creatures we are able to heal both emotionally and physically.


You can choose if your donation is used for a specific cause; such as to help a person who needs healing on a trip to John of God, or to help with the riding program, or you can choose for any of our missions. Cash donations are deductible according to the 501 (3) c rules